from by Maids



A love song!


You and I were alone in the night
We closed our eyes, saw
One thousand colours appear

Rainbow liquid love
So warm, so slow
From your head to your toes, feel
This sensation taking control and

Move with the rhythm, like a snake hypnotised
Dance with me now
And feel this honest emotion

If we were to die tonight
I hope you'd know
That I love you so much

Gravity stopped existing
We both feel into space
On our way down we screamed so loud
The words could never be traced
Hold my hand lover
There's no reason to be afraid
We haven't passed heaven or hell
But life was beautiful

Gravity stopped
And the moment was forever
For eternity
We'll fall through space together

I love you
I hope you know I love you

You and I were alone in the night
Searching for truth
What is the meaning of life?
We fell so far into our souls to find
Who we are is how we die
And I love you


from Maids EP, released August 16, 2013
Sean Cook, Dylan Thomas, Matthew James, Nathan Berryman



all rights reserved


Maids Newcastle, Australia

Four doom sluts from Newcastle.

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